TF3000 Tactical Flashlight Review

One of the hottest consumer products on the market right now is the tactical flashlight. It seems like whenever you turn on the television, there is an advertisement for a new tactical product that is far superior to the average flashlight made of cheap, low-quality materials. The question is, which of these products is the […]

Feature to Look for When Buying a LED Flashlight

The best application of LEDs (light emitting diode) shines is in manufacture of flashlights. LEDs are preferred in flashlights because they have low power consumption, long life, high brightness, small size and more portable. Some of the key features that will help you choose the best LED flashlight include the following. Decide why you want […]

iShot Alarm Clock Hidden Cam Review

If you worried about goings on in your home or place of work when you are not there, a hidden camera is the perfect solution, giving you an extra pair of eyes and ears. There is certainly no shortage of hidden cameras on the market, but have you ever came across a camera that offers […]

Super Trackstick GPS Logger Review

If you want to track the whereabouts of your children, elderly relatives or vehicles, there is certainly no shortage of technology on the market to allow you to do so. GPS tracking devices are everywhere at the moment and on the face of it, the Super Trackstick GPS Logger may seem like more of the […]

Spark Nano 3.0 GPS Tracker

Have you ever sat at home wondering where your kids are and what they may be getting up to? Generally, you will ask your children to check in regularly by phone if they are out in town or further afield; however, as any parent will know, a phone call is often not forthcoming. Fortunately, we […]

Frequency Finder Bug Detector

If you’re worried that your home or office may have been bugged with some sort of tracking device or hidden camera, there are two ways you can go about finding out: ransacking the entire home or office and tearing apart every suspicious item in sight in hope that you come across the surveillance device, or […]

The Top 5 Nanny Cameras

Nanny cameras are all the rage at the moment and the market is flooded with options to help you keep a close eye on children and babysitters when you are not around. All cameras offer the peace of mind that all is well at home, but each differs on quality and features provided. To help […]

Dual View HD Car Camera DashCam

There are numerous reasons for having an in-car camera recording footage of the road and interior of a car; maybe you want to monitor the driving habits of teenage children, track employers to ensure company cars are being used correctly, record evidence for proof in accident and insurance claims, the list goes on. There are […]