Cell Phone Recon Smartphone Monitoring & Tracking Device

If you have ever suffered the misfortune of losing your cell phone or have ever had it stolen, you would do pretty much anything to be able to track down its location. The Cell Phone Recon by Brick House Security is a device that allows you to exactly this and more. With other mobile surveillance products on the market such as iPhone Spy Stick, the Cell Phone Recon certainly comes with high hopes, but does this Brick House Security product have what it takes to live up to the company’s reputation of high-caliber devices?


The Cell Phone Recon is not some kind of microchip that is expertly placed inside of a smartphone; it is instead a minimalistic gunmetal USB drive. In fact, the only thing on the device that could possibly give any indication as to its use, it is a picture of a cell phone on the front of the stick; however, to figure out that this is actually a tracking and monitoring device based on a picture you’d have to have be some kind of surveillance expert.

Cell Phone Recon


The Cell Phone Recon stick itself is used on a PC and relies on an installed app to work. In order to work, the targeted cell phone must have an active internet connection, which is generally the case with most modern smartphones. The Cell Phone Recon is not compatible with all mobile phones, the iPhone being the most notable absentee – however, it is designed to work with all BlackBerry, Android (below v4.0), and Symbian operating systems which covers a pretty broad spectrum of devices including manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola and LG.

– Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Calls and Text Messages
– Compatible With Android, BlackBerry, & Symbian Devices
– View All Information on the Web From Any Computer


Brick House Security tends to do a great job at making products easy to use and the Cell Phone Recon is no different. Installation starts by downloading the Cell Phone Recon app for the targeted mobile – don’t worry about this looking suspicious in anyway because it has been cleverly disguised as a photo viewer!

Once you have granted the required access and installed the app, you can then restart the phone and plug the USB drive into a PC. Next, you are prompted to fill out create an account, after which the cell phone in question can begin uploading data to the computer.

Monitoring and tracking

As I said at the top of the article, the Cell Phone Recon can be put to great use for tracking a lost or stolen handset – it does this by using the phone’s inbuilt GPS to let you see exactly where you device is on Google Maps. I also said that the Recon also offers much more, and indeed it does, tracking:

– Incoming and outgoing calls, texts and emails
– Call logs
– Contact backup
– Missed calls

All of the data tracked can be saved and exported to Excel so that it can be printed for your convenience. This feature can be of particular benefit if you are looking to catch anyone that is misusing a phone belonging to you.

Pros and Cons

There is a lot to like about the Cell Phone Recon. Easy installation and use are obvious positives, as well as the device’s ability to collect key information in real-time from any computer.

The device does not let you download pictures, record videos or audio, and this will be a drawback for some. The lack of iPhone support will also upset iOS users.


The Cell Phone Recon works efficiently and discreetly, collecting necessary information quickly without being too much of a drain on the battery of a smartphone. If you are looking to track cell phone data – whatever the reason – I can think of no better product on the market than the Cell Phone Recon.

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