Dual View HD Car Camera DashCam

There are numerous reasons for having an in-car camera recording footage of the road and interior of a car; maybe you want to monitor the driving habits of teenage children, track employers to ensure company cars are being used correctly, record evidence for proof in accident and insurance claims, the list goes on. There are plenty of car cams on the market that allow you to do this; however, few can claim to be as comprehensive as the Dual View HD Car Cam from Brickhouse Security – a camera that lets you simultaneously record footage of the road and the car’s interior.

The Design

The Dual View HD Car Cam is essentially two cameras in one and offers a unique picture of a person’s driving habits.

At 135 x 63 x 28.5mm, the Car Cam is a fairly compact device that offers no obstruction to a driver’s vision. The two cameras are located either side of bright and sharp 2.7-inch TFT display; the first of these cameras comes equipped with a telephoto lens, while the other is a wide-angle lens that is perfect for recording footage of the road ahead. Both cameras are fully adjustable so that lenses can be positioned correctly to pick up both driver and road. Menu, mode and record buttons are placed either side of the TFT and there is also an SOS button that allows you to write-protect the current and previous videos.

The Dual View HD Car Dash Camera

Using the Dual View DashCam

As with all Brickhouse Security products, the Dual View HD Car Cam is incredibly easy to use. Once the 600 mAh battery has been fully charged, you can attach the Cam to the supplied windscreen mount, switch it on, and begin recording. All footage recorded is saved to a micro SD card and can be viewed on directly on the LCD screen, on a PC via the provided USB cable, or – and this is the best option – on a 720p HD monitor by using the supplied HDMI cable.

At this point, it is also worth mentioning a standout feature of the Dual View Cam – the G-sensor. This sensor is designed to automatically save and protect files in the case of accident, essentially turning the camera into your car’s own black box recorder.

The Dual View Camera

When it comes to the quality of the camera(s), the clue is in the name. The Dual View HD Car Cam offers high definition video and audio recording in 480p and 720p and is as good as any mid-range camcorder. And if that wasn’t good enough, the BrickHouse Security device has another trick up its sleeve – infrared technology. Both cameras come with infrared night-vision capabilities, allowing you to record clear and crisp footage even in completely darkness. This is a really excellent feature, particularly if you are using the Dual View to record footage to record evidence in the event of an accident.


In my opinion, an in-car camera is a worthy investment for any car owner and the Dual View HD Car Cam is undoubtedly the best in its class. With 720p high definition recording under any light conditions, long battery life and the excellent G-sensor, this device comes highly recommended.

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