Feature to Look for When Buying a LED Flashlight

The best application of LEDs (light emitting diode) shines is in manufacture of flashlights. LEDs are preferred in flashlights because they have low power consumption, long life, high brightness, small size and more portable. Some of the key features that will help you choose the best LED flashlight include the following.

  • Simon Cree T6 Pro LED flashlightDecide why you want the flashlight and set a budget: Where will you be using your flashlight? Do you need a large amount of lighting or small? In what conditions will you be using the flashlight? Do you need it portable? Such question will help you decide on size and model of the flashlight as well a deciding how much you should spend on the same.
  • Most LED flashlights are available at between $20 and $30, but high-end specialized flashlights may cost a little more. Simon Cree T6 Pro LED flashlight for example goes at $30 on Amazon.
  • Look for brightness: This is measured in lumen, a good indicator of how far you can see with the flashlight
  • Light levels: Some LED flashlight designs come with adjustable light levels with multiple settings of Strobe, Low, Medium, and High.
  • Number of bulbs: Not as important as the brightness, but it is also often indicated. I recommend that you choose the one with more bulbs, so that you will still retain the usability if your flashlight even if some bulbs black out long way down the line.
  • Consider weight and size: LED flashlights comes in a variety of weights and sizes, ranging from the tiny coin cell key holder types, to the large and more luminous stand-mounted work lights.
  • Look at the bulbs closely: Turn off the bulb and observe the consistency of the bulbs’ arrangement. Now, turn the light on and carefully observe the shape of the spot it projects. A reliable flashlight should have an even and round spot without the unevenly distributed blue and yellow colors. Generally, LED flashlights do not have adjustable focal length; this means that you have to choose the right one from the beginning. If the piece is not available for prior physical assessment before purchase, then the following step may come in handy.
  • Look at reviews: This is very useful for those purchasing from online stores. Look at reviews and testimonials from previous users to get a hint of what you acquiring. Some reviews come with videos that can take you through a virtual tour of the specs and workings of the LED flashlight you are planning to purchase. It also helps to do a background check on the reputation of the assembling company.
  • Housing material: although plastic is lightweight and relatively affordable, aluminum housing is more durable. Some designs combine both plastic and aluminum to balance on weight and durability. Simon High Power Flashlight T6 Pro for instance is made from aircraft grade Aluminum, with a little rugged housing design.

Not matter your reason, be it working at night, lighting the way in a storm or heading for an adventure of your life in the woods, acquiring a dependable and adequate light source can be the difference between a marvelous memory, or a safe walk home, and a night you will rather forget.

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