Finding the Truth – The Spy Equipment You Need to Succeed

Spy Cameras

The most common espionage tool around is the spy camera. The spy camera is known by all and has gone from the large bulky cameras that nobody was fooled by to the sophisticated little bugs that we use today. Spy cameras are perhaps the most diverse spying tools around as they can come in a wide variety of forms.

You have all of the conventional cameras, but now you can have them implanted into the spines of books and clock radios. The lens is barely the size of your thumbnail and it can’t really be spotted unless it’s accidentally stumbled upon. Camera links can be set up so you can view all that can be seen in real time and you can even control the camera on a pivot so you can follow your target around the room.

Remember that spy cameras can’t be placed in private places like public toilets and hotel rooms. You have to own the property or it’s to be a public place where no level of privacy is to be expected.

GPS Trackers

The GPS tracker is mainly used for cars, but it’s also seen use by nosy parents who plant them in their children’s’ phones or by spouses who want to find out where their partner is at all times. The point is that these are vital to any operation and they must be utilized if a successful spy mission is to be accomplished.

There are two methods to actually use these GPS tracker. The first way is to pay for a monthly service that allows you to see where the tracker is in real time. These updates can be as quick as 20 seconds and are fantastic if you want results right now or if the information has to be more detailed. However, the free version is where the locations where the GPS was are simply downloaded and then they can be reviewed by the user.

Audio Recorders

Audio recorders are often not necessary as many cameras can capture sound at the same time, so more expensive cameras just combine the two into one super spy tool. But for those who just want the audio recorder these little devices can be fantastic for picking up some juicy secrets.

A point does have to be made on the audio recorder, though. Some US states don’t allow people to pick up what people are saying by utilizing audio recorders. It’s quite a strange ruling as spy cameras and other equipment are perfectly fine, but using an audio recorder is not.

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  1. Jorge

    on April 6, 2013 at 7:16 pm -

    For my own reasons, I need to find a free SMS text mesasging spy for the iPhone 4S. I just need it for a while to read the SMS messages. IF possible I need one that can synced from the computer to the phone IN the persons pocket or with them without them knowing.