Frequency Finder Bug Detector

If you’re worried that your home or office may have been bugged with some sort of tracking device or hidden camera, there are two ways you can go about finding out: ransacking the entire home or office and tearing apart every suspicious item in sight in hope that you come across the surveillance device, or purchasing the Frequency Finder Bug Detector. Both of these methods have their benefits; however, only one can prevent you from looking like a completely paranoid lunatic, and it isn’t the former!

In the box

The Frequency Finder Bug Detector looks exactly like a walkie-talkie and is light enough to be carried around with ease. Measuring 4.25″ x 2.25″ x 1″, the detector fits comfortably into the palm of the hand and handbag, has simple to use central controls and a nice slide away extendable aerial. In the box with the Frequency Finder come a standard AC adaptor for charging the device, an earbud, RJ-11 telephone cable and adaptor, and a lens finder attachment that fits on to the top of the detector.

What can it do?

The Frequency Finder Bug Detector does exactly as its name suggests – detects bugs. By carrying this device around with you, a room can be scanned in minutes to check whether any sort of surveillance system may be intruding on your privacy. The detector has the ability to pick up on almost any type of wireless transmitter, camera lens (using the lens finder attachment), phone tap or GPS tracker and pinpoints its location using an easy-to-read light meter. Bugs often operate on different frequencies and the with a detection spectrum of 10MHz – 8GHz, the Frequency Finder is easily able to sniff them out.

In the event that detector has picked up on a surveillance system within close proximity, you can use the cool white noise generator feature to render audio devices useless and keep conversations private.

Using the device

The great thing about the Frequency Finder Bug Detector is that using it does not require you to do anything other than switch it on and wave it around as though you were dusting. Fully extend the aerial and let the LED light meter alert you to the presence within approximately 25 feet.

If no phone taps or laser taps are detected by the device, this is not to say there are no hidden cameras spying on you. To check for any prying camera lenses you can simply insert the lens finder attachment and once again let the bug detector do the work.


If you have any reason to feel you may be being tracked or watched by hidden cameras, the Frequency Finder Bug Detector will prove a very valuable purchase and will ensure that you stay one step ahead of anyone attempting to invade on your privacy.

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