Motion Activated AC Adapter Hidden Camera

If you want to see what your employees are up to when you are away from the office, or make sure a nanny is carrying out the correct duties, a hidden camera can prove very useful. However, a regular camcorder on a shelf is never going to stay hidden for long. To really spy on someone, you are going to need something a little bit more inconspicuous, a camera that masquerades as a different product. Enter the Brick House Security Motion Activated AC Adapter Hidden Camera – a surveillance camera that looks exactly like an everyday ac adaptor, but has the ability to record motion-activated video.

Motion Activated AC Adapter Hidden Camera


The name of the AC Adaptor Hidden Camera is a big clue as to the design of this piece of surveillance equipment. This camera looks exactly like you would expect any other AC adaptor to look and – given the number of electrical products that we all have in our homes these days – there is very little chance at anyone giving this device a second look. The camera hole itself is incredibly small and completely untraceable.

Using the Device

When you are trying to covertly record footage, a lengthy installation process is definitely something you could do without; fortunately, there is nothing complicated about the AC Adaptor Hidden Camera. In fact, recording is as easy as plugging in the device!

To record footage, the Hidden Camera needs to be fitted with an SD Card (a 4GB card is supplied). The bottom of the adaptor has a removable panel under which is a slot for the SD card; simply slide the card in to place, replace the cover and detachable USB cable and you’re ready to record up to 16 hours of footage.

Brick House Security has also made reviewing your footage every bit as straight-forward as recording it, either by inserting the SD card directly into your computer, or using the supplied USB cable to link the adaptor directly to a PC.


Given small the camera size, you may be forgiven for not expecting much in terms of video quality; however, this little Plug-and-Play device offers excellent clarity, recording at 720 x 480 pixels @30fps. A 1/4 CMOS Camera Imager Lens and 4.3mm focal lens add to the overall sharpness of the picture and – providing you have the camera positioned correctly – you can record some really good footage.

Standard or Pro?

There are two versions of the AC Adaptor Hidden Camera: Standard and Pro. Priced at $295.00 and $345.00 respectively, both are excellent devices, but those willing to part with an extra 50 bucks will be provided with a wealth of extra features, including:

  • Continuous recording (in addition to motion activation)
  • Time/date stamp
  • File overwriting
  • Footage review on any monitor

Pros and Cons

In terms of pros, the AC Adaptor is incredibly is very likely, offering a great build and providing outstanding footage. The Plug and Play capability and simple SD card installation are also excellent advantages.

The fact that most wall sockets are located close to the floor means that if the camera angle has not been positioned correctly, the footage recorded may offer nothing more than shots of people’s feet! However, this is the only real disadvantage of the device.


Hidden cameras must be exactly that – hidden. Having been designed to look like an AC adaptor this device is brilliantly disguised, and with a high quality camera on board, the Brick House Security Motion Activated AC Adapter Hidden Camera is a very worthy purchase.

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