Revealed – Where Not to Hide Your Spy Camera

The trick to hiding a spy camera effectively is to hide it where you know you wouldn’t find it if you were looking for a spy camera. That’s why this article aims to teach you how to discover spy cameras. What’s more, these techniques are wonderful if you suspect that somebody is spying on you. It’s a great advantage to your arsenal of counter surveillance tools.

Power Cords

Even though we live in a world where everything seems to becoming portable and wireless, many spy cameras still need a power cord to operate. If you can see a power cord that seems to disappear into nowhere then there’s a good chance that there’s a camera at the other end of it. If this is something that can be seen with your camera then a good eye will rumble your spying mission instantly.


Lenses are the giveaway for the large majority of cameras. This is why spy cameras were criticized for being so ineffective when they first fell into the public domain. Since then things have changed, though, now lenses that are barely the size of your thumbnail can be found and used to spy on unsuspecting individuals. This is an easy way to catch novice detectives, though, as they’ll try to use a camera with a slightly larger lens; usually in an effort to save money.


Cameras are almost silent these days, but if you sit for a while in silence you will hear some of the sounds coming from the camera. If the camera turns and can follow people then this is a dead giveaway as a small mechanical whine can be heard as it turns on its platform. If the environment is quiet then the hum of the camera when it’s turned on can be heard. It might not tell you exactly where it is, but it can tell you that there’s a camera present.


If you have gone into another building to install your camera then never leave any signs that you have installed a camera. Companies have been caught installing cameras in the offices of their competitors by leaving signs that they’ve broken in. This can come in the form of sticky locks, broken windows, or even by just the fact that the place has been burgled and yet nothing looks to have been taken. These are telltale signs and they should be avoided at all costs if you are installing a spy camera in a sensitive environment.

Poor Quality

The main way amateur detectives get caught is by utilizing poor quality equipment. Even though spy cameras are generally very advanced they can still be found if they are of low quality. High quality cameras display none of these signs that they are present. The only way a high quality camera can be rumbled is by nothing but luck or by a terrible installation process. So if you want your spy mission to succeed then don’t scrimp on the equipment.

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