Spy Cameras and Hidden Cameras


Spy cameras are some of the most common types of espionage equipment around. They are so popular because they can provide such a lot whilst been operated by somebody who has absolutely no experience with spy equipment. We are proud to continue that tradition here at Hidden Camera Hub as we offer all the top brands that can capture the information you need with the greatest of ease whilst you are away.

One of our most popular cameras is the Durable Remote View Camera. It can be place anywhere inside or outside and the images can be streamed directly to Windows 7. This means that you can put the camera anywhere you like and see the crystal-clear images on your computer in real time. That’s how many of our spy cameras work. All of the images are encrypted so nobody can be simultaneously spying on you.

And that’s not all we offer. We even offer spy cameras hidden inside common daily items. Nobody would ever expect the spine of a book to conceal a tiny camera inside of it. So Hidden Camera Hub has taken advantage of that by offering the Hardwired Book Camera. It can fit into a book shelf, on a stack of books, or just anywhere indoors where a camera is needed. Just leave it where it is and come back to check over the images later. We also offer cameras hidden in glasses and other common household items as well. Give yourself the best chance of getting the information you need by purchasing a hidden camera today!

Take a look at some of our specialized spy cameras that don’t have any cables, lights, sounds, or even camera lenses. Just come back later and collect the USB storage from the camera and then plug it into your computer like any memory stick. These are our premier range of cameras and they can outwit even those who have eyes like a hawk. Buy the best and nobody can escape your watchful eye!

Each of our cameras is battery powered by special batteries that have the ability to keep the camera going for days at a time. Many of our cameras even have batteries that last for up to 90 days, so if you want to protect your home or office whilst you’re away on vacation then you know that we’ve got it covered.