Stealth iBot Computer Spy Review

If you are looking to find out what someone is doing on your computer, or monitor the computer of your child, there is certainly no shortage of keyloggers and computer monitoring software to help you do so. On the face of it, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy may seem like more of the same; however, upon further inspection it is clear that this clever little device is considerably greater.


Unlikely many of the other monitoring programs on the market, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy does not come as a download or on a DVD, it instead comes on a fancy USB flash drive that is simply connected to the computer and taken with you when the operation is complete. If you are looking to monitor computer data, being inconspicuous is important – by looking like any other USB flash drive, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy is nice and discreet.

Stealth iBot Computer Spy


Something that claims to be stealth is going to need to offer a slick installation; fortunately, the iBot can be installed on any computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7 in under a minute. Moreover, the installation process could not be easier; simply plug the iBot in to a USB port, open the thumb drive and click install. The software will then proceed to install and will run in the background of an operating system. Another key feature of the Stealth iBot – and one that separates it from rival programs – is the fact that it is leaves behind no traces of hardware and cannot be detected by anti-spyware and anti-malware programs.


Once successfully installed on a system, the Stealth iBot really earns its price tag, monitoring everything typed through a PC’s keyboard and capturing screenshots of everything viewed. Worried about children talking to strangers online? You can find out with Stealth iBot. Suspicious of employees visiting malicious websites? The Stealth iBot provides you with the answers.

So what exactly can it record? Well, pretty much every piece of data you would ever require from a computer-monitoring program, including:

– Websites visited
– Keystrokes
– Documents (including password protected files)
– Chatroom conversations
– Social media activity

The Stealth iBot Computer Spy can hold 1GB of data, which translates to around 10,000 screenshots and every keystroke.

You will need to have administrative rights for the computer you are targeting, but once those are secured you can set about logging all data.

Viewing your recordings has also been made easy by makers Brickhouse Security; simply plug the iBot into a computer, navigate your way to the menu and click on the ‘Move Saved Data’ button. This will transfer all data to the Stealth iBot Computer Spy and ready it for viewing on any Windows PC.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the Stealth iBot Computer Spy are clear for all to see. This device is a cut above every other computer monitoring software on the market right now and allows you to capture essential data. However, the thumb stick is not without its downsides and these come from the fact that the iBot can only be used on Windows devices, which will obviously alienate Mac users. The administrator rights requirement also means potential legal ramifications if privacy rules are violated.

Stealth iBot


Obviously, if you are worried about what someone might be doing on a computer belonging to you, the best way to put your mind at rest is to openly discuss it with the person you suspect. However, this may not always be an option and when quiet, efficient monitoring is required, the Stealth iBot Computer Spy comes highly recommended.

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