Super Trackstick GPS Logger Review

If you want to track the whereabouts of your children, elderly relatives or vehicles, there is certainly no shortage of technology on the market to allow you to do so. GPS tracking devices are everywhere at the moment and on the face of it, the Super Trackstick GPS Logger may seem like more of the same; however, upon further inspection you will realize that this little device has added extra appeal.


If you are looking to track the movements of someone covertly, you need the Super Trackstick! That may seem like somewhat of a bold statement, but at just 4 ½ x 1 ¼ x ¾ inches, you will struggle to find a device as discreet as this one. Made from weather-resistant highly durable plastic, the TrackStick can easily be placed in a vehicle or slipped into a backpack without ever being seen. A removable lid reveals a USB connector to be used when reviewing data, and given the shape of the logger it will be easily mistaken for a USB thumb stick if ever found. To add an extra element of stealth, the device also comes with a clip-on magnetic clip mount.


The size and build of the Super Trackstick GPS Logger are obvious standout features, but they are not the only things great about this device. The Trackstick is incredibly accurate, giving you location info within just 2.5 meters! It is also completely wire free, running simply on 2 x AAA batteries. And you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries every couple of days either, because a good set of Lithium AAA’s will provide you with 6-8 weeks of tracking. Battery life is further conserved by the fact that the logger is fitted with a vibration sensor, giving it motion-activation capabilities. The Super Trackstick can provide you with some really comprehensive data, including information on where the tracker has been and even the temperature, all of which is stored on the 4MB flash.

Using the device

As is the case with most products from BrickHouse Security, the Super Trackstick is pretty easy to use. Simply install the software on your computer, insert the batteries, and place it on the person or vehicle you wish to track. Once the device detects motion it will begin tracking and results can be retrieved by inserting the stick in to your PC.The Trackstick software is designed to work with Google Maps, which is simple to use and gives you access to multiple customizable map views including satellite and Street View.


The Super Trackstick GPS Logger offers numerous benefits, many of which we have already spoken about. It is also operates with no monthly subscription charges which will no doubt be a bonus to those looking for tracking features without a regular outlay of $30.


The Trackstick does not offer real-time tracking (hence the reason for no monthly fees), with information only accessed after the device has been retrieved. It is also unable to run on Mac or Linux devices. Both of these cons may make some people think twice about the product.


The fact that the Super Trackstick GPS Logger does not provide real-time tracking will obviously be a turn-off for some when it comes to purchasing this device, but overall, the good points far outweigh the bad here, and if you looking for in-depth data on the movements of a person or vehicle, this sleek little device is a worthy candidate.

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