The Top 5 Nanny Cameras

Nanny cameras are all the rage at the moment and the market is flooded with options to help you keep a close eye on children and babysitters when you are not around. All cameras offer the peace of mind that all is well at home, but each differs on quality and features provided. To help you in your quest to find the perfect covert surveillance for your home, here is my list of the top five best nanny cameras available right now.

1. Black Box Micro Hidden Camera

The Black Box Micro Hidden Camera is different to most nanny cams on the market in that it provides users with the opportunity to turn almost anything into a hidden camera. Offering customizable recording modes and adjustable resolution, the Black Box is small and powerful enough to fit inside virtually any household item, from a child’s teddy to a hollowed out book. This device also gives up to 24 hours continuous recording time off a single charge, with the clear and crisp recorded footage saved on a micro SD card for simple playback on Windows PCs.

2. AC Adapter Hidden Camera

If there is one feature that a hidden camera needs to have above everything else, it is a disguise. By masquerading as an AC Adapter, this product makes the perfect nanny cam. With a removable cover that stores an SD card, the AC Adapter Hidden Camera allows up to 16 hours of storage with video recorded in 720 x 480p @ 30fps. This device also has the advantage of being incredibly easy to use, needing only to be plugged in to ready the motion-activated lens.

3. iShot Alarm Clock Hidden Cam

No one would suspect that an alarm clock is actually a hidden camera, and this makes the iShot Alarm Clock Hidden Cam an ideal nanny cam candidate. This compact device can be taken anywhere and records up to 10 hours of motion-activated video with 30 days of standby time. Like the other nanny cams on the list, the iShot uses an SD card to store footage and records and a HD-sharp 720 x 480p. Another great feature of this device is that it operates as a fully functional alarm clock, meaning you will never sleep in!

4. Body Heat Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Camera with DVR

When looking after children, nannies generally spend a lot of time around teddy bears. On the face of it, the Body Heat Activated Teddy Bear Hidden Camera with DVR looks exactly like any other cuddly bear – and it is. However, it is also a PIR motion-activated hidden camera that records your home covertly by reacting to body heat. Heat from a person’s body can be detected up to 30 feet away and the camera is able to record pin-sharp video for up to 20 hours.

5.  iPod Dock Hidden Camera Deluxe

iPod docking stations are a common sight around the home in this day and age and this makes them the perfect tool for recording unsuspecting babysitters. The great thing about the iPod Dock Hidden Camera Deluxe is that it operates as any iPod docking station would, but is all the while recording motion-activated video and snapshots. This device comes with two SD cards so that you can begin taking still images and real-time video instantly, with all recorded data able to be viewed on any PC.

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